What is Device WebAPI plug-in?

The Device WebAPI plug-in works as a virtual server on THETA, and provides the following WebAPI for operating THETA.

How to use Device WebAPI plug-in

Search THETA

We will show you how to find the IP address of THETA.

Open the Device WebAPI plug-in demo page

Because the demo page of the Device WebAPI plug-in is created in HTML, from a browser of your PC and smart phone, you can open the demo page and operate a THETA.
Launch a browser and open the demo page by specifying the IP address of THETA with the port number 8888.


Top screen

When you open the demo page of the Device WebAPI plug-in, the following screen will be displayed.
This screen is the top screen.

Storage management

In storage management, you can download and delete media resources in a THETA.

By pressing an item, the display screen of the corresponding still image or video opens in a new browser tab.
You can check the media type by the item icon.

icon1Still image

Also, by checking checkboxes of media resources and pressing the delete button, a confirmation dialog appears.

By pressing the delete button, the checked media resources are deleted.
Please note that once deleted it can not be recovered.

By pressing the "THETA Device Web API Plug-in" in the navigation bar, you can return to the previous screen.
Also, since the page transition remains in the history of a browser, you can return to the previous screen with the back button of the browser.


Still Image and Video

Camera settings

Select a camera to change its settings.


You can change the photo size and preview size of the selected THETA.
Currently there are not many settings that can be changed.

The values changed here will be reflected in photography and preview.



In photography, you can take still images.

Video shooting

In video shooting, you can shoot videos.

By pressing the shooting button, video shooting will start, and the button changes to the stop button.
In addition, if video shooting is successful, a link to the video is displayed in the URI.


Press the stop button to stop video shooting.

When you press the video playback button after shooting was stopped, the video playback page opens.
Please note that, if you moves to another browser page without stopping video shooting, the shooting goes on without stopping until video size reaches the limit.


Live preview



Preview is displayed when the MJPEG display button in the live preview screen is pressed.
If you are using a smartphone browser, you can change the orientation of the display according to the value of the acceleration sensor, and zoom-in/zoom-out with pinch-in/pinch-out gestures.

If you are using a PC browser, you can change the orientation of the display by dragging the screen, and zoom-in/zoom-out with a mouse wheel.
Double-click on the display to initialize the display orientation and zoom.。

If you enable the stereo mode, the preview screen is divided into two.



You can check the values from sensor installed in THETA.

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